We carry over 150 guitars in stock. Acoustic, electric, bass, classical, travel guitars, children’s guitars, 12 string guitars, even the odd 7 string too! We have a wealth of knowledge at our disposal, so whatever it is you are looking for you can be sure that our team at the shop will make sure you go home with the right instrument that suits your needs. Our main objective is to make sure you feel comfortable and at ease when visiting our little shop in sunny Teignmouth. We pride ourselves on a no pressure atmosphere so please come in and try some. Our team will be on hand for any advice you may need whether it's sizing up a first guitar for your child or choosing a suitable instrument for yourself. We are here to help!

Brands:  Fender, Squier, Tanglewood, Cort, PRS SE, Simon and Patrick, Seagull, Faith, Admira, Washburn, Vintage, Freshman, Stagg, Aria, Godin, Jackson, Art and Lutherie, Music Man Sterling, Revelation, Tokai, Eko, Salvador, Cortez, Hofner, Santos Martinez, Ashton, Burns.

Other Stringed Instruments

We keep a range of other stringed instruments in our shop. Violins, banjos, mandolins, ukuleles are the more commonly asked for items, but we also have a splattering of other less asked for instruments such as bouzoukis, cigar box guitars and cellos and even the odd harp! Once again if there's anything you don’t see, please feel free to ask one of our staff members to peruse our vast range of catalogues to find the instrument you are looking for.

Brands:  Ozark, Ashbury, Stentor, Primavera

Amplification, PA and Electronics

Transistor amps, modelling amps, valve amps, PA systems, monitors, portable busker amps, microphones and studio equipment. Then there are the Fx Pedals. Look at all the colours!!! What more can we say? So much fun…. Come and try some!!! Please feel free to call the shop and ask about what is of interest to you.

Brands:  Marshall, Orange, Peavey, AKG, JTS, JBL, Zoom, Ehx, Mooer, Nux, Eden, Behringer, QTX, Proel, Heil, Danelectro, Digitech, Fishman, Lr Baggs.

Brass and Woodwind

We carry a small range of brass and woodwind. This includes saxophones, clarinets, flutes, trumpets, cornets, recorders and whistles. Anything else apart from these we would need to order in for you but once again we have a large range of catalogues for your perusal and there isn't much we can't get hold of. Turnaround is usually a week or two for ordering something in. We also carry the cleaning and care products needed to maintain your instruments in tip top condition.

Brands:  Jupiter, J Michael, Trevor James, Bauhaus, Lee Oskar, Hohner.

Pianos and Keyboards

We have a small range of keyboards and digital pianos in our practice room at the back of the shop.

Brands:  Yamaha, Casio.


Normally these would fit into our stringed instrument section but we feel the ukulele is now worthy of its own section. In the past 10 years or so the ukulele craze has grown and grown. It's even taken over guitar sales some years so we now carry a large range of ukuleles. Soprano, concert, tenor and baritone sizes, with or without electronics. We keep over 50 ukuleles in stock, and they even have their own room at the shop now, so please feel free to come in and try what's probably the most popular instrument of the last decade.

Brands:  Maholo, Kala, Makala, Laka, Pono.

Drums and Percussion

We usually carry about a dozen drum kits in stock. We have a good percussion section from cajons, bongos, djembies, cymbals, bodhrans to more smaller items like tambourines, woodblocks, cowbells, glockenspiels, shakers and other more quirky items. Upstairs you will find the larger items and downstairs we keep the smaller hand percussion and accessories such as drumsticks and beaters.

Brands:  Pearl, Sabian, Meinl, Natal.

Accessories and Gifts

We carry a wide range of accessories in the shop for most instruments. Tuners, straps, stands, cables, capos, spare parts, reeds, cleaning products to name just a few. We also carry gifts such as mugs, t-shirts, pencils, pin badges and more. If there is anything we don't have in stock we can usually order them in for you, so please always ask if there's something you don't see and we will do our best to obtain them for you from our large range of suppliers.

Brands:  Vic Firth, Percussion Plus, Rhythm Tech, Remo, Wittner, Seiko, Allos, Shubb, Kyser, Snark, G7th, Schaller, Rico, Vandoren, Helin, Hidersine, Thomastik, Astrea, Dogal, Pirastro, Hercules, K&M, Quiklok, Gator, Perri's, Klondyke, Kirlin.


We keep an extensive range of strings in stock for most instruments and many different brands and gauges to suit the individual player’s needs. We also carry a range of single strings for the one broken sting you may have on your treasured instrument, to save you having to replace a whole set if so required. Please feel feel to phone the shop or pop in and ask one of our experienced staff members if you would like assistance on what strings would best suit your needs.

Brands:  Ernie Ball, Martin, Elixir, D’Addario, Picato, Rotosound, Ghs, DR, Dunlop, Aquila, Dean Markley.

Sheet Music

We have music for most instruments in stock: exam and graded pieces (such as Associated Board and Trinity Guildhall), Learn To Play books for all instruments and various levels of books and more comprehensive music for the competent musician. We order from our suppliers every week so if there's anything you don’t see in stock, we can always obtain it for you and we offer a mail order service too.